What you need to know
about BCXE tokens.

A Dividend Paying Token Based on a Robust Business Model

The BCXE Token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and gives stakeholders an incentive to spread the word of BCXE as the authority for crypto, fiat and commodity trading comparison in addition to data. Affiliate and performance based marketing is an industry older than the internet itself,oftentimes the companies doing the comparison and sourcing the best possible prices and experience for their users can be more profitable than the core service provider due to a lower overhead and the ability to negotiate extremely high commission rates as the correctly positioned comparison portal has the ‘ear’ of the user.
Price 100 tokens $18.9 Last 7 days +9% Next dividend 32 Days
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What you need to know
about BCXE tokens.


Revenue Generation

Regulated financial and currency exchanges pay advertising fees and a percentage of the revenue generated by BCXE users to BCXE

Revenue Collection

BCXE collects these funds and adds them to the “Bankroll”. The Bankroll is mainly held in BTC, ETH, BCXE and USDT although some exchanges only pay fiat.

Payment to Stakeholders

Holders of the BCXE token are paid 25% of the total gross BCXE Bankroll every quarter. Dividend payments are paid in USDT and token holders are required to verify basic KYC requirements and prove ownership of BCXE keys.

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